Employer Benefits

OMCAP is a Human Resources placement consultancy in AP state in INDIA and Specializes in providing Manpower of all categories to Overseas Employers

The following are the services for Foreign employers:

  • Recruitment service to all business and industries in Middle East, US, Cananda and India.Placed hundreds of various skilled workers, experts,specialized construction, mechanical, electrical, engineering teams, etc
  • Training in language skills and occupational competencies to the selected candidates besides familiarizing them with the culture, Social customs, work ethics,Law of Employer's country before they emplane to take up foreign jobs.
  • Dependable Certification of Technical Skills of Recruitees.
  • Verification of antecedents, documents and certificates of the candidates.
  • Low cost recruting services and quality of personnel recruited.
  • On time efficient services and Government support in the recruitement process.
  • Data Bank of OMCAP is established with the support of the Dept. of Employment. Government of AP in India. OMCAP has talented and resourceful candidates varying from un-skilled to highly skilled persons, technicians and other Professionals.
  • Allied services like Visa Processing, Air-Ticketing, Emigration clearance etc., for the Candidates selected by you.
  • Advertisements in print, Electronic Media are issued on behalf of the foreign employer for identifying suitable candidates.
  • Interviews are arranged at free of cost.

  • Employer Registration Help

    How do I register at OMCAP?

    Registering at OMCAP is very simple. Choose your login and password and fill in the details in the registration page and click submit.

    How do I login into my account?

    Please use your login and password details given while registering to login into your account.

    How do I post jobs in OMCAP?

    Posting jobs is as simple as 1-2-3. To post jobs in OMCAP login with your credentials and click Post Jobs and enter the details of the jobs you want to post. Our admin will verify the details and approve it.

    How do I edit my personal details given while registering?

    Once you login with the Username and Password given while registering. A link "Edit Profile" appears on the right corner. Clicking the link will lead you to a page where you can edit all your personal details and also update your resume.

    Who runs OMCAP?

    Overseas Manpower Company Andhra Pradesh Limited (OMCAP) is a Recruiting Agency launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and operates under the approval (Registration Certificate No. 4700/AP/ Govt. Undertaking/ 1000+/5/7421/2006, Dt : 22.5.2006) issued by Protector General of Emigrants, Ministry of Labor, Government of India.