Candidates who seek registration with OMCAP should possess at least 2 years experience in the relevant post for which he desires to be considered and should hold a valid passport. The candidates without experience also will be registered. They will be provided with guidance and counseling in their relevant field of interest and if required necessary capacity building in them will be done by providing training. The registration will be valid for 2 years. After this it will have to be renewed.

DATA BANK : The Company will maintain a computerized Data Bank of registrants. Details of data stored can even be analyzed with reference to certain parameters and provided to marketing agencies on a cost basis for promoting their products to the registrants.

REGISTRATION FEE Rs. 200/- will be collected from the candidate at the time of registration.

Registration Help

How do I register at OMCAP?

Registering at OMCAP is very simple. Choose your login and password and fill in the details in the registration page and click submit.

How do I login into my account?

Please use your login and password details given while registering to login into your account.

How do I submit my resume to OMCAP?

Submitting your resume is as simple as 1-2-3. To submit your resume to OMCAP simple click upload resume and select the file you want to upload and click the upload button.

How do I search through the jobs?

Searching for jobs on OMCAP is very easy. Simply type the keywords relating to the job, such as title, company, etc in the keywords box and choose from the various options through the drop down menu and your related results will appear.

I typed in a search parameter. As a result, the search engine has flooded the results pages with jobs. I do not know where to begin!

Refine or narrow your job search by using more specific keywords. Alternatively, use the appropriate options for more specific and customized search results.

How do I edit my personal details given while registering?

Once you login with the Username and Password given while registering. A link "Edit Profile" appears on the right corner. Clicking the link will lead you to a page where you can edit all your personal details and also update your resume.

Who runs OMCAP?

Overseas Manpower Company Andhra Pradesh Limited (OMCAP) is a Recruiting Agency launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and operates under the approval (Registration Certificate No. 4700/AP/ Govt. Undertaking/ 1000+/5/7421/2006, Dt : 22.5.2006) issued by Protector General of Emigrants, Ministry of Labor, Government of India.