Training Provider Benefits

  • To familiarize aspirants of foreign assignments, the language, customs, Law, employment terms and conditions.
  • To enable them to be exposed to the emerging environment of the market and other market factors for success in their employment abroad.
  • To enable candidates enhance good working practices
  • To refresh their skills to meet the needs of Foreign Employers
  • To empower them to meet the challenges at work in Overseas
  • Training Duration: 15 Days to 2 Months
    Specialized Trades: Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders, Fitters and Machine Operators, Construction, health occupations, security, Drivers etc".
    Certification:             At the conclusion of the Training, trainees will be awarded a Training Certificate with aproval from OMCAP.


  • The candidates who have been selected by the foreign employers for Overseas Placement are eligible for this Training Programme.
  • The candidates having ready Passport and relevent experience are also adviced to apply

  • Training Provider Registration Help

    How do I register at OMCAP?

    Registering at OMCAP is very simple. Choose your login and password and fill in the details in the registration page and click submit.

    How do I login into my account?

    Please use your login and password details given while registering to login into your account.

    How do I add Training Programs at OMCAP Website?

    Joining Training Programs is as simple as 1-2-3. Please login with your credentials and click 'Add Training Programs' and fill in the details of the Training Programs. The details would be verified by our Admin and approved.

    How do I edit my personal details given while registering?

    Once you login with the Username and Password given while registering. A link "Edit Profile" appears on the right corner. Clicking the link will lead you to a page where you can edit all your personal details and also update your resume.

    Who runs OMCAP?

    Overseas Manpower Company Andhra Pradesh Limited (OMCAP) is a Recruiting Agency launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and operates under the approval (Registration Certificate No. 4700/AP/ Govt. Undertaking/ 1000+/5/7421/2006, Dt : 22.5.2006) issued by Protector General of Emigrants, Ministry of Labor, Government of India.